Must read : Important info about current work

This portfolio has not been updated since 2019. If you want to check my latest work, go on Agorapulse website or Agorapulse Product. Thanks ! 


Wait ... 17 what ?

Hi ! I'm Lucas, a 12 years experience designer specialized in UX/UI & Product Design.

I have started working abroad in 2015. I was born in France and I have lived in South Korea, Australia and New Zealand for 3 years.

Since then, I have worked remotely for my French, US and Australian clients in 17 countries (travelled 40+), and counting !


Who did you work for ?

Renault Digital, Paypal, Samsung, BMW, Bosch, Universal Studios, The Back to the Future licence, The Boston Consulting Group, Vittel, Nestlé ...

That's for the "big and loud" company names, but I enjoy working for start ups as well !

I also teached UX design in design schools in Paris, and was a Thesis supervisor for UX&UI design master theses. Fun experience !

Where are you now ? Are you available ? 

I am currently Head of Design at Agorapulse. I don't take freelance projects for the moment. 

We are currently revamping the whole product's features and branding, results coming soon !

I am also managing a team of UX/UI Designers, helping them grow and mentoring them.

Thanks for being here, I hope you'll like what you see. Enjoy your visit !

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Rarely have we had a designer with a skill set as complete as Lucas'. He is a real UX unicorn (...)

He is by definition a true UX and UI Designer. He is a master of its craft and made our application a reference first in Renault Digital France, then internationally (...)

Lucas is devoted to his clients, caring and professional. He knows how to push new ideas and challenge the client while listening carefully to your needs. I recommend him without any hesitation.


Esra Soner
General Manager, Corporate Business Development @ Renault Group

I have worked with Lucas while he was a UX at Renault Digital. He is one of the rare UX Designer able to have a perfect skillset split between :

- Strategic vision for the product, with long term perspective - Hands on tactical skills going to meet customers to seek the real pains and how to remove them

- A great UI eye and talent to design options the developers can integrate. Moreover, he is very fun, always ready to socialize, though not long to go back to work.


Stéphane Wojewoda
Agile Coach @ Renault Digital

For a first collaboration, we loved working with Lucas. Whether he be in Paris, Seoul or Stockholm, he's always available and very proactive.

In charge of the Art Direction and Web Design of our project, he raised the right questions at the very beginning of the creative process to fully satisfy our needs, and accomplished his mission with great success.

We will definitely work again with him on our next projects.


Anne-Sophie Esnault
Marketing Coordinator of Western Europe and Foreign Markets @ Gorenje

It's a real pleasure to work with Lucas. He's all about Mobile Design. Super professional, he perfectly understood the work to accomplish and realised it with our precise instructions, while respecting our brief in a perfect way.

Lucas delivers his work perfecty crafted, no doubt about it. Besides that, communication with Lucas is very easy. He understands quickly, anticipate questions ...

On top of that, he's a smiley person with a good sense of humor, serious without taking himself seriously ... Hurry and call him before he gets too busy !


Jean-Christophe Leroy
CEO & Founder @ Ouicam

(See all of my clients reviews on my LinkedIn Profile !)


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“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” - Milton Glaser