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I'm Lucas, a 9 years experience freelance designer specialized in Digital Design.

I do UI & UX Design, Art Direction and Illustration.

I have worked in France, Australia, the UK, Singapore and South Korea.

Thanks for visiting, enjoy the ride ! 


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For a first collaboration, we loved working with Lucas. Whether he be in Paris, Seoul or Stockholm, he's always available and very proactive.

In charge of the Art Direction and Web Design of our project, he raised the right questions at the very beginning of the creative process to fully satisfy our needs, and accomplished his mission with great success.

We will definitely work again with him on our next projects.


Anne-Sophie Esnault
Marketing Coordinator of Western Europe and Foreign Markets @ Gorenje

It's a real pleasure to work with Lucas. He's all about Mobile Design. Super professional, he perfectly understood the work to accomplish and realised it with our precise instructions, while respecting our brief in a perfect way.

Lucas delivers his work perfecty crafted, no doubt about it. Besides that, communication with Lucas is very easy. He understands quickly, anticipate questions ...

On top of that, he's a smiley person with a good sense of humor, serious without taking himself seriously ... Hurry and call him before he gets too busy !


Jean-Christophe Leroy
CEO & Founder @ Ouicam

I’ve worked 6 months with Lucas to build the entire website of my company. He was responsible for UX, art direction and UI design (logo, animations…). 

He rapidly understood the project and the direction I wanted to go to. His screens were creative and well-mastered in term of UX. I'm completely satisfied of his work ! 

Lucas is also very professional, proactive and always available to do modifications. I could not recommend someone else !


Arnaud Gracieux
Consultant @ CapGemini & CEO @ PrepAcademy

(See all of my clients reviews on my LinkedIn Profile !)


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“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” - Milton Glaser